Told in our own words

The “Story of Tom and Lucy” started in early Spring 2017- where they came across each other on an online dating website. Tom recalls being intrigued with Lucy’s aversion to chain restaurants in favour of small, independent places & Lucy by Tom’s tales of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro when he was 13 years old! Their first date was on Pancake Day at ‘Sundae Gelatos’ on West Street in Sheffield, a newly opened dessert café. The un-conventional nature of this first tryst set the foundations for their entire relationship. Their second and possibly most memorable meeting was when Tom decided to take Lucy up to ‘Burbage Bridge’ in the Peak District for a freezing cold, romantic evening of Greek food underneath the stars, one that Eros would have been proud of.

The following two years were a whirlwind of exciting adventures that included multiple English camping trips, Lucy’s first ‘all inclusive’ Greek holiday, and Macedonia, where Tom was thrown well out of his comfort zone and survived having no phone signal for almost a week! With their relationship standing up to these (and other) tests of endurance, Tom decided to ask Lucy to marry him.

The bespoke hand engraved ring was supplied by PA Jewellery, the same company his grandfather, a Sheffield-born silversmith & metal worker, had always recommended many years ago. It happened on 1st December 2018 in Pairings Wine bar in York (a place that they had both discovered together on one of their spontaneous weekends away), where Tom got down on one knee and asked the all-important question…

“Of course I’ll marry you”, Lucy replied as Tom put the ring on her finger, only to realise several hours later that he’d put in on the wrong hand… (but the less said about that the better!) Thoroughly believing in equality, Lucy had also secretly requested her friend to make an elegant silver wrist cuff for Tom with the inscription ‘T&L’ embossed on the side.  They had a wonderful weekend away in York, staying at the beautiful Principal Hotel, and were surprised at the generosity of hoteliers, barmaids and café owners when they excitedly exclaimed “We’ve just got engaged!”

In true ‘Tom and Lucy’ style the guest list and initial ideas had been planned and typed onto an Excel spreadsheet before they even got back to Sheffield, when the ‘real fun’ of planning a wedding could begin! 

The priority from the start has been to ensure the wedding reflects everything Tom and Lucy know and love. Tradition and caution have been thrown to the wind, leaving a carefully tailored celebration week. Starting with a small, intimate ceremony day with their nearest and dearest, blossoming into an all-singing (Tom’s Dad’s folk band, and others tbc), all dancing (that’s where you come in!) wedding festival extravaganza on Friday 29th May 2020!

So please join them to celebrate this auspicious occasion and help them create memories that will last a lifetime.