The Wedding of Lucy & Tom

Friday 29th May 2020


Our Story

The “Story of Tom and Lucy” started in early Spring 2017- where they came across each other on an online dating website. Tom recalls being intrigued with Lucy’s aversion to chain restaurants in favour of small, independent places & Lucy by Tom’s tales of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro when he was 13 years old …

the line up

The Line Up

The Wedding Party will be held in a trapeze marquee in a field opposite Tom’s parent’s house:

Storrs Grange Farm, Storrs, Stannington, Sheffield, S6 6GY


RSVP & Contact

Please let us know whether you can come to our wedding celebrations!

Food and Drink

Food and Drink

We’ve got some great things planned for you on the day.



As you’ll gather from the order of the day, we hope that our wedding festival day will be full of friends, family, laughter and fun, so your presence is the best thing we could hope for. Without you all, it wouldn’t be much of a party, would it?! 



We love candid, real life photographs, taken in the moment. We have decided not to have a photographer for the Wedding Party Day, as we are sure you’ll capture your favourite aspects of the day on your own cameras.

Staying in Sheffield​

Staying in Sheffield

To camp or not to camp? That is the question. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of places to stay in Sheffield